Core Capabilities

Solutions to Engineering Problems

Does your IT department take too long to setup your supercomputing needs? Does it take a long time to find qualified engineers for your short-term project?

We use a different supercomputing architecture and visualization setup procedure that allows rapid response to spikes in computational requirements. The reason why we provide value to our clients is summarized in the following statements:

Short term access to experienced engineers to cover peak loads in computer aided engineering projects

Efficient use of computational resources and software licensing cost structure to provide the most affordable solutions and best quality

Expertise on a range of products for a variety of engineering companies. Problems span from structural analysis to computational fluid dynamics and optimization

We know how to integrate high quality results in a timely manner

We have experience with rapid prototyping and hardware manufacturing

Solutions to Technology Problems

We have designed, developed and built a composite 3D printer which will allow the extension to novel materials such as graphene

Our unique artificial intelligence based software makes remote super-computing a reality. Our nonlinear prediction tools position us uniquely to design and validate future military and commercial designs that are environmentally friendly.



Sample Simulations Performed at Creative Aero Engineering Solutions: Computational Fluid Dynamics
on a Transport (above left) and Structural Deflections on a Hypersonic Concept (above right)

Our remote visualization capabilities along with our computer aided engineering experience with fluid dynamics, structural analysis, and heat transfer are of direct relevance to many institutional needs, missions and research. Moreover, we are currently developing 3D printing capabilities for composites.

Rapid Generation of CAD Models from Parametrics


Technology and Research

Transonic Aeroelastic Scaling for wind-tunnel testing: These scaling laws allow full traceability from flight to model scale.

Compressed Air Energy Storage (mechanical batteries): New materials and thermodynamic processes will ensure higher storage capacity and competitive potential with other types of energy storage



Composite Air Tanks and Compressors produced by our partner ALSEON (courtesy ALSEON inc. – Patented Thermodynamic Process)


Remote visualization: A new APP is being developed in order to facilitate remote visualization of highly intensive and interactive graphical data