Mike Ziggler (Chief Aerospace Sciences Division, Air Vehicles Directorate, AFRL):
Having “real world” aircraft design and technology development engineers involved with our science and engineering people made a positive contribution in our technology information transfer process. Interaction with your group was invaluable towards understanding the role of technology within the total system environment. Throughout the study, Mr. Arslan (from Creative Aero Engineering Solutions) corresponded with our laboratory team working on the creative, sometimes conflicting design, integration and evaluation process. As the Principal Investigator, he did an excellent job of directing the NG functional specialists to solve many cross discipline tasks.

George Rodgers (Northrop Grumman):
Creative Aero Engineering Solutions team experience and approach for this technology program (Aeroelastic prototyping) can provide NGAS with a new tool in our toolbox for tackling the historically challenging engineering development associated with transonic aero-elastic response.

John Morgenstern (Lockheed Martin)
We still use the AeroDMC optimization that Alan Arslan from Creative Aero Engineering Solutions created more than a decade ago.