Creative Aero Engineering Solutions

We are an Engineering Firm Specializing in Computer Aided Engineering

We use a different super computing architecture and remote visualization setup procedure that allows rapid response to spikes in computational requirements. The reason why we provide value to our clients is summarized in the following statements:

  • Short term access to experienced engineers to cover peak loads in engineering projects
  • Efficient use of computational resources and software licensing cost structure to provide the most affordable solutions and best quality
  • Our engineers have experience with all stages of the design process on a range of products for a variety of engineering companies
  • We have built and are utilizing a composite 3D printer which allows the extension to novel materials such as graphene

Creative Aero Engineering Solutions, Inc. (CAES) is a woman-owned small company (with EDWOSB certification) that specializes in engineering consulting for Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) applications. Our accounting system is compliant with the Defense Contract Audit Agency procedures

The company is currently involved in technology development efforts for the DoD in the field of rapid prototyping and testing (small business research). Moreover, our technology partners include NASA and other original equipment manufacturers. We also work with academia on “more futuristic” technologies such as gas plasmas, remote supercomputing and 3D printing software and hardware development.

In addition to various consulting activities in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analyses (FEA), CAES provides support for “rapid fabrication” of “one-off” parts. We have designed and developed and are currently operating our own composite 3D printer for fast connection with rapid prototyping software. This activity is being developed at our Buena Park facilities. Currently, CAES is developing a virtual-workstation/remote visualization capability.

To support our endeavors, the CAES team uses computational facilities that consist of Linux workstations, Windows platforms, and government computing facilities.We also use commercial virtual super computing platforms such as Datapipe (formerly Go Grid) and Amazon.